Removing Undesirable Nucleic Acids from Samples using Nuclease Mix

Extracted from 2-D Electrophoresis Principles and Methods (PDF)
GE Healthcare, 2004

Removal of nucleic acids is often required to avoid contamination and subsequent artifacts on 2-D gels. Nuclease Mix offers an effective cocktail of bovine pancreatic DNase and RNase enzymes, together with the necessary cofactors for optimal nuclease activity. Nuclease Mix can be used together with Protease Inhibitor Mix since the latter does not contain EDTA, an inhibitor of nuclease activity.

Protocol: Nuclease Mix

Components supplied
Nuclease Mix (100× solution), 0.5 ml. Each Nuclease Mix contains 4 µg of DNase (bovine pancreas) and 1 µg of RNase (bovine pancreas) per µl solution.

Required but not provided
Vortex mixer.

  1. Vortex briefly before taking an aliquot, as Nuclease Mix is supplied as a suspension.
  2. Add 10 µl of Nuclease Mix per 1 ml reaction mix. Vortex briefly and incubate at room temperature for 30–45 min.



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