Integration of Sigma® TransPlex® WTA and the Complete WTA2 Kits with the NimbleGen™ Expression Microarray Workflow

Amplification products generated by the TransPlex® WTA and Complete WTA2 kits are suitable for microarray target for expression analyses, and can be readily integrated into existing NimbleGen workflows.

Preparation of WTA Amplification Product for Labeling

  1. Perform WTA amplification as described in the product bulletins for the TransPlex WTA or Complete WTA2 kits, found on the Sigma-Aldrich website.

  2. Purify the amplification product using the GenElute PCR Cleanup kit (Cat. No. NA1020) eluting with sterile RNase-/DNase-free water (Cat. No. W4502 or W1754).

    Note 1. Thirty microliters is the absolute minimum elution volume Elute with 50 ul for maximum yield.

    Note 2. The capacity of the GenElute PCR Cleanup filter cartridge is 10 μg, sufficient for the typical yield of a single
               TransPlex WTA amplification reaction.

  3. If concentration of the amplification product is required, use vacuum-centrifugation to avoid loss of amplified product.

Entry into NimbleGen Workflow

Enter NimbleGen Arrays User’s Guide: Gene Expression Analysis, Chapter 2.




Special acknowledgement and thanks to Simon Melov, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of the Genomics Core, and Krysta Felkey, BS, Research Scientist, the Buck Institute for Age Research, Novato, CA, for their assistance in the preparation of this procedure.


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