5-Bromo-2′-deoxyuridine Protocol

Product No. 10280879001


In vivo labeling of rat CNS

Roche does not have data about the in vivo labeling of neuronal cells in rats. The exact concentration of BrdU and the duration of treatment will be dependent on the specific experimental question, e.g., the exact cell type that should be detected, as well as the use of other exogenous compounds. Here are three examples of treatment protocols for labeling of rat neuronal cells, in scientific publications:

  1. D. Charytoniuk, E. Traiffort, P. Hantraye, J. M. Hermel, A. Galdes, and M. Ruat (2002). Intrastriatal sonic hedgehog injection increases Patched transcript levels in the adult rat subventricular zone. European Journal of Neuroscience: Vol 16, p 2351.
  2. I. Jean , C. Lavialle , A. Barthelaix-Pouplard, and C. Fressinaud (2003). Neurotrophin-3 specifically increases mature oligodendrocyte population and enhances remyelination after chemical demyelination of adult rat CNS. Brain Research: Vol 972, p 110.
  3. H. Ohmori, H. Ogura, M. Yasuda, S. Nakamura, T. Hatta, K. Kawano, T. Michikawa, K. Yamashita and K. Mikoshiba (1999). Developmental Neurotoxicity of Phenytoin on Granule Cells and Purkinje Cells in Mouse Cerebellum. Journal of Neurochemistry: Vol. 72, p 1497.


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