PhosSTOP™ Protocol

Product No. PHOSS-RO


PhosSTOP Inhintor: Removal from lysate using dialysis

The phosphatase inhibitors included in PhosSTOP Tablets can be deactivated or removed from a lysate using dialysis.

Inhibitor binding to phosphatases is not covalent, but very strong. While inhibitor dissociation from their targets is possible, it is not certain that every inhibitor can be removed in a reasonable timeframe. For this reason, such an experimental setup cannot be recommended.

PhosSTOP Inhibitor: Number of tablets for extracting solutions with high cell densities

There is no simple way to know when the amount of cells, protein, etc. will require two instead of just one PhosSTOP Tablet. In general, one tablet should be sufficient. Inhibitors present in the PhosSTOP Tablet are quite stable and not degraded.

To best address this question, set up an experiment using one or two tablets in a cell extract, and measure the degree of phosphorylation still present in the sample.

It is also possible to use three or four tablets per 10 ml, but one tablet should be sufficient in most situations.



PHOSSTOP is a trademark of Roche

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