Boxed reaction (Catalog No. 747602): Suzuki Cross-Coupling in Lipshutz Surfactant (TPGS-750-M)


Compound Catalog No. Equivalents MW Density Amount mmol
Kit Components            
Pd(dtbpf)Cl2 701602 0.02 651.75 13 mg 0.02
Triethylamine T0886 3 101.19 0.726 0.42 mL 3.0
TPGS-750-M 763918 (1 M)     2.0 mL  
User Supplied            
Aryl bromide [ArBr]   1       1.0
Arylboronic acid [RB(OH)2]   2       2.0


Please consult the Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.


Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction in Water at Room Temperature using TPGS-750-M (Lipshutz Surfactant)

Arylboronic acid (2.0 mmol), aryl bromide (1.0 mmol), and Pd(dtbpf)Cl2 (13 mg, 0.02 mmol) are added to a reaction flask containing stir bar. Under a positive flow of argon while stirring, an aliquot of TPGS-750-M/H2O solution (2.0 mL, 2 wt % TPGS-750-M in water), and Et3N (0.42 mL, 3.0 mmol) are added by syringe and stirred vigorously for 2–24 hours. The reaction mixture is then diluted with brine and extracted with EtOAc. The solution obtained is dried over anhydrous MgSO4 and concentrated by rotary evaporation, which is subsequently purified by flash chromatography on silica gel.






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