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Download the latest in free mobile apps from Sigma-Aldrich featuring tools designed to enhance your laboratory experience like our Molarity CalculatorHPLC Method Transfer CalculatorLabTimers, and ConvertUnits apps. Try also our literature and special interest focused apps such as the renowned Material MattersNeuroscience ResearchCancer ResearchClinical & Forensics. As you try our apps, please take a moment to submit a rating or email us to let us know what you think and what else you would like to see.


  Base Invaders

Max can accurately amplify base pairs faster than anyone. Visit Max's laboratory to amplify as many DNA fragments as possible to generate the correct base pairs. When amplifying DNA base pairs, remember that Guanine "G" pairs with Cytosine "C" and Thymine "T" pairs with Adenine "A".

Available on: iPad from iTunes
Also available as an in-site web game

  Biofiles: Predictive Tools for ADME and Toxicology Studies

This app highlights some of these newer technologies offered by Sigma Life Science for ADME and toxicology research. One primary advance is genetically modified cell lines that improve upon, and simplify, in vitro membrane transporter research. In addition, Sigma Life Science has an extensive portfolio of reagents, consumables and labware that are tailored for ADME and toxicology research.

Available on: iPad from iTunes

  Biofiles: Solutions for Cancer Research

Our Cancer Solutions app lets you tap into our rich and well regarded collection of protocols, papers, reviews, and new product solutions for cancer researchers. Full of top-notch technical information and handy tools for the lab researcher including helpful troubleshooting guides and the complete cell culture handbook.

Available on: iPad from iTunes

  Biofiles: Solutions for Neuroscience Research

With our Biofiles Neuroscience app you will discover exciting new products and a comprehensive collection of research tools from Sigma® Life Science that can help you make critical connections in your Neuroscience research.

Available on: iPad from iTunes

  Clinical & Forensics

Clinical and forensic testing is becoming more complex everyday as advances in science and technology help create better test to make us healthier. The Clinical Test app is designed to help its users stay at the forefront of what Sigma-Aldrich is creating and developing in the area of clinical testing. The app provides information and references to keep the user up to date on new developments in the field.

Available on: iPad from iTunes

  ConvertUnits - The Scientific Unit Converter

The ConvertUnits App makes converting scientific units quick and easy. Includes unit conversions for Area, Distance (Length), Moles, Temperature, Velocity (Speed), Volume and Weight.

Available on: iPad from iTunes
Also available as an in-site web app

  HPLC Method Transfer Calculator

Calculates conditions for transfer of an isocratic or gradient method from one HPLC column to another. Allows method scaling from microbore through preparative column range. Calculates time and solvent saved.

Available on: iPad | iPhone® | iPod touch® from iTunes
Available on: Android from Google Play
Also available as an in-site web app


The LabTimers App includes 6 timers that can be individually set and run simultaneously.

Available on: iPad | iPhone® | iPod touch® from iTunes

  Material Matters

Material Matters is a free publication dedicated to addressing your research needs in materials science and nanotechnology. The issues, published quarterly, are thematic in content and feature technical reviews by leading experts. In addition, application notes and relevant products and services are highlighted.

This app gives you access to new editions as they become available to download and read on your iPad.

Available on: iPad from iTunes


Whether you are searching for staining solutions for bacteriology, cytology, hematology or histology, you will discover in this app our extensive range.

Available as a free app for tablets and web browsers:
iTunes, Android, Web


The Molarity App from Sigma-Aldrich is a chemistry calculator tool that generates lab-ready directions describing how to prepare an acid or base solution of a specified molarity or normality from a concentrated acid or base solution. A second tab includes a general molarity function that calculates the mass of any reagent needed to prepare.

Available on: iPad | iPhone® | iPod touch® from iTunes
Available for iOS in Chinese: 摩尔计算器
Available on: Android from Google Play (language support for Chinese and Japanese)
Also available as an
in-site web app

  Supply Chain Solutions

This app provides insightful information about the global reach of the Sigma-Aldrich supply chain and how our Planning, Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality, Packaging, and Shipping capabilities facilitate a seamless experience for our customers throughout their product pipeline.

Available on: iPad from iTunes

  Tools for Mass Spectometry

As your partner in discovery, we are here to provide you the products and information that you need to stay on the leading edge of mass spectrometry (MS) research in proteomics and metabolomics. Our MS portfolio covers workflows from sample preparation to downstream analysis, and allows you to probe biological systems and analyze prospective biomarkers in depth.

Available on: iPad from iTunes