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2 May 2020
New York Times: Race for a Vaccine Intensifies

CEO Udit Batra speaks with the New York Times about how we are working to keep employees safe and how we’re working to meet increased demand.
28 Apr 2020
Bloomberg: Supporting the Demand for COVID-19 Diagnostics

Companies are pushing to respond. { MilliporeSigma }, which produces reagents and other chemicals used in testing for the top coronavirus diagnostics-makers, is working to boost its production capacity in the face of “huge demand,” CEO Udit Batra said in an interview. But there are challenges to doing so during a global pandemic, including the need for social-distancing measures at manufacturing sites around the world, Batra said.
17 Apr 2020
Marketplace: Supply chains are being pulled to the limit

“Take { MilliporeSigma }, a life sciences company that makes materials that can be used to make antibodies and vaccines that might one day help treat COVID-19, among other things; things like a type of filter for bioreactors.”

CEO Udit Batra speaks with Marketplace about our the complexity of the COVID-19 response supply chain.
15 Apr 2020
Bloomberg Baystate Business: { MilliporeSigma }'s efforts to fight COVID-19

Bloomberg Bay State interviewed CEO Udit Batra on our role in working with vaccine producers in the global effort to fight COVID-19. Batra shares his thoughts on how soon we might see a vaccine and how we are helping to lay the foundation for large-scale production.
14 Apr 2020
Manufacturing Platform Developed for Large-Scale Production of COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate

{ MilliporeSigma } and The Jenner Institute report that the Institute has begun preparations for the large-scale production of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19. With patients enrolled for clinical trials for this vaccine, rapid development of the large-scale manufacturing process is a critical step in quickly and safely delivering it from the lab to patients, according to Udit Batra, CEO, { MilliporeSigma } [Life Science business of Merck].
14 Apr 2020
{ MilliporeSigma } Supports Jenner Institute to Reach First Milestone in Covid-19 Vaccine Manufacturing

{MilliporeSigma}, a leading science and technology company, and The Jenner Institute announce that the Jenner Institute has laid the foundation for large-scale production of its Covid-19 vaccine candidate, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19.

Tapping into { MilliporeSigma }’s previous work provided a solid head start for plans to scale-up the manufacture of Jenner’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate. Developing the manufacturing process itself would normally take at least six months to a year, but in just two months’ time, { MilliporeSigma } supported the Jenner team and their collaborators to evaluate the existing manufacturing platform for use with the new vaccine candidate, and improved critical process steps.
13 Apr 2020
Marketplace: The race for antibodies

CEO Udit Batra spoke with Marketplace on the race to develop treatments against COVID-19, and how we're working hand-in-hand with our customers and suppliers to keep up with demand.
9 Apr 2020
NBC10 Boston: { MilliporeSigma } Assisting in Development of Vaccine

CEO Udit Batra speaks with NBC10 Boston about our COVID-19 response efforts and how we’re meeting unprecedented demand.
9 Apr 2020
STAT News: Problem solving to accelerate recovery from COVID-19

Our response to COVID-19 is guided by three important priorities. Learn how these priorities help us support the scientific community's fight against the disease.
7 Apr 2020
NBC News: Labs Around the World Race to Find COVID-19 Vaccine

NBC News reports on how research institutions from across the globe are uniting under a common mission: to find a vaccine against COVID-19. We’re working with vaccine manufacturers to scale up production to reduce the time it takes to get treatments in the hands of patients.
7 Apr 2020
COVID-19 Response: A Virtual Conversation with Udit Batra and Boston Chamber of Commerce

CEO Udit Batra joined the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce for a virtual conversation discussing our response to the global health crisis and how the scientific community is coming together to fight COVID-19.
30 Mar 2020
CEO Udit Batra: Unprecedented Challenges Demand Unprecedented Solutions

“Each day, the world changes, as does the context.” CEO Udit Batra discusses the importance of active thinking and why it's relevant now more than ever.
27 Mar 2020
{ MilliporeSigma } Launches Curiosity Labs at Home

We are passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists. As many families are home for a prolonged period of time, we wanted to help bring a little curiosity to you at home. We’ve created a number of easy and educational science experiments that can be completed at home with materials typically found around the house.
22 Mar 2020
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: Businesses Adjust as the Coronavirus Pandemic Evolves

At each of our global sites, we have implemented stringent safety measures that prioritize the well-being of our employees while allowing our 59 manufacturing sites around the world to remain operational, continuing to serve the global scientific community.
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript shares how we’re responding.
18 Mar 2020
{ MilliporeSigma } Launches COVID-19 Product Hub

As current events around COVID-19 continue to evolve, we're committed to providing the scientific community with the necessary products and services to aid in the COVID-19 response. We’ve launched a one-stop product hub of relevant COVID-19 products and services.