Changes to our Search Results and Product Detail Pages



We recently launched the new homepage for our website as part of an ongoing commitment to making the leading online destination for scientists. We are now pleased to present to you with the next phase in our redesign.

The primary goal of the redesign is to provide a simple, online experience that makes it easier for you to find the products and services you need. And to do just that we turned our focus to improving the search results and product pages.


Search Results

The new search page is visually simpler and cleaner than our previous search page and helps customers find the products they want faster. Instead of adding more features to our search, we removed features and simplified others.

To assist you in locating the exact products you’re searching for, we’ve moved the search filters to the top-left of the results page and we have presented more relevant information in the search results.


Product Detail Page

The information contained in the new product detail page is organized into logical tabs, making it much easier to find relevant information.

You can quickly locate product information, download and view SDS and other safety documentation, check pricing and availability information, and view detailed product images.

Sigma-Aldrich is changing to make your experience better and we’re always listening - please tell us what you think! If we can help you in any way, please contact us.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Sigma-Aldrich making this change?
A. Sigma-Aldrich is redesigning its website to create a simple, intuitive web experience that makes it easier for our customers to find the products and content they need.

Q. Where can I find an SDS or COA for a product?
A. All safety information and product documentation including Certificates of Origin or Certificates of Authenticity can be found in the safety and documentation tab on the product page.

Q. Where can I find tariff information for products?
A. We removed the tariff information button due to low customer usage.

Q. Where did the web pages and applications tabs on the search results page go?
A. The tabs to switch between product and content results have been replaced with links on the left under the title "Showing" - just above the product filters.

Q. What does the term "Match Criteria" under the product name mean?
A. Match criteria explains why the result is presented. "Name" means your query matched a product name, "Competitor Product" means that your query matched a competitor product number for which we have an alternative.

Q. How can I find products that are similar to the product I am viewing?
A. Go to the "Safety and Documentation" tab on the Product Page. If similar products have been defined, you can find a link labeled "Similar Products" under Documents. You can also click on the identifiers such as the CAS number, just below the name on the product page, to bring back results with the same identifier.