Global Citizenship

How Social Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability, and Fiscal Accountability Guide

Our business is helping brilliant people make brilliant discoveries. Discoveries that improve life, and make the world a safer, healthier place. Every great scientific breakthrough begins with a solid understanding of the world around us, and respect for the people with whom we share it. Our company was founded on that very principle over 75 years ago. And since then, the spirit of global citizenship has guided our work by uniting social responsibility with our passion for enabling discovery.

We also believe an organization’s responsibility for the environment goes far beyond the specific regions in which they operate. By maintaining a solid respect and understanding for our effect on the entire planet, we can provide customers with more-efficient solutions bearing greater benefits, while decreasing material output and environmental impact.

To find out more and download the full Global Citizenship Report, please visit our Global Citizenship site.

Please visit our Global Citizenship website.