Scan Pharmaceutical Smart Label Barcodes to Unlock More Product Information


 Scan Now monitorScan Now – get pharmaceutical product data stored on our Smart Label

Accessing product data for different raw materials in your pharmaceutical manufacturing process can be a time-consuming task and a source for potential errors. Product labels include 2D Data Matrix GS1 barcodes; we call them Smart Labels. Product barcodes provide seamless access to essential product information: Item Code, Batch Number, Shelf Life, and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

The Scan Now platform unlocks the product data within the Smart Labels, so you can read them. It gives direct access to a lot of additional product documentation e.g. CoA, SDS, certificates, Emprove® Dossiers, Brochures, technical information and documents that support fulfilling your regulatory requirements.

 Your benefits of scanning our product's smart label:

  • Direct access to Pharmaceutical product data encoded in the Global Standard One (GS1)
  • Access to our Scan Now Webpage with additional documents in order to satisfy regulatory requirements such as CoAs, CoQs, Safety Data Sheets, and specifications.
  • Access to our Emprove® Dossiers such as Material Qualification Dossiers, Quality Management Dossiers, Operational Excellence Dossiers, and Elemental Impurities Information. Also available are brochures, technical information and certificates.
  • Order a product after scanning.
  • Minimize scanning problems thanks to error correction coding (EEC 200 Reed-Solomon Error Correction) of incorporated data

 How does scanning of our product's smart label work?

Scan Now scannerVisit the Scan Now webpage.

Using a handheld scanner, simply scan a smart product label from one of our products to retrieve relevant product information.   

Scan Now will show you the product data and links in a simple way.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Scan Now PDFOn which product labels will the 2D barcodes be implemented and what is the time schedule for implementation?
Smart Product labels have been implemented on our Emprove® Chemicals, followed by a continuous expansion to the entire Life Science product portfolio by mid-2019 (except for smaller products which space is limited).

Will the information on the 2D barcode be removed from the product labels?
No, all information stored in the 2D barcode will remain for you to view on the labels.

Do you plan to put any other data on the 2D product label barcode?
Yes, enhancements and improvements will be ongoing.   

Do I need any special technical equipment to scan a 2D barcode?
Yes, please use a scanning device which is able to read Data Matrix 2D barcodes that adhere to the GS1 standard. A mobile application is coming soon!

Important note - Do not confuse 1D Data Matrix GS1 barcode scanners with scanners able to read 2D Data Matrix GS1 barcodes.

Will 1D barcodes be removed from the label?
Not immediately. We will keep them in parallal to the 2D barcodes as long as we are aware of customer processes also relying on the 1D barcode. Before removal, you will be officially informed via our change notification process.

Are there any scanner configuration recommendations for the Scan Now page?
For best results, please set up your scanner to use an English keyboard layout.