Science & Chemical Technical Consultants

While Sigma-Aldrich® offers our professional technical services throughout the world free of charge to our customers, there may be times when you want or need more.

If you would like to access a scientific expert in a particular field and book their time for an hour or longer, we offer fee-based technical consulting on a variety of topics from cell biology, enzyme chemistry, chemical synthesis, materials science applications, separations science and more. With over 2,800 scientists across the world and a breadth of product expertise that is virtually unsurpassed, we likely have an expert that you will be able to access.

A few examples of some of the requests we have received from customers just like you:

  • Help with laboratory experiment design – chemistry, cloning, gene editing etc.
  • Advanced literature searches – hire us to do the work for you.
  • Interpretation and extrapolation of data using a variety of interdisciplinary sources.

Our consultants can be contracted for an hourly rate of $300 or, if your needs are longer term in nature, for a flat fee.

If you wish to discuss our professional consulting services, simply provide us with a brief description of your needs at (for chemistry) or (for biology) and someone will contact you within one to two business days to discuss your requirements.