Water Purification Solutions for COVID-19 Research & Testing

Whether your lab is researching host-virus interactions, racing to develop a vaccine, or testing patients for infection, Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions aims to support you with best-in-class systems and services that may accelerate your valued efforts. Below is a selection of our water purification solutions and corresponding savings we hope will support your efforts to fight COVID-19.

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 Ultrapure water for critical molecular biology research

The quality of water used in molecular and cell biology is critical for the success of the tests performed. Molecular biology techniques, such as PCR, RT-PCR and sequencing, require Type 1 ultrapure water that is nuclease free, and cell culture should be performed with ultrapure water that is bacteria and endotoxin free.

To meet the stringent requirements for ultrapure water, we offer the Milli-Q® IQ 7000 water purification system. This system delivers consistently high-quality ultrapure water and provides precise quality monitoring at the point of dispense, so that you can be confident when performing your critical experiments.

For endotoxin-, nuclease- and bacteria-free water, the Biopak® polisher is an effective solution that easily connects to the outlet of the Milli-Q® IQ 7000 system. Benefits of Biopak® ultrafiltration to generate molecular-grade water include:

  • Validated in challenge tests to remove endotoxins (<0.001 EU/mL), RNases (< 1 pg/mL), DNases (< 5 pg/mL), and bacteria (<0.1 cfu/mL)
  • Improves safety in the lab by replacing toxic agents such as DEPC, often used to produce nuclease-free water
  • Saves time as freshly purified water can be rapidly accessed from your water system

Read more about the importance of using purified water in molecular biology applications:

To support COVID-19 research, labs performing such research can now save 40% on the purchase of a Milli-Q® IQ 7000 ultrapure water system. Offer expires July 31, 2020.

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 Digital services to support lab continuity

Download the flyer to learn how MyMilli-Q™ online solution can simplify water system care.

During this current challenging time, you may need to secure the continuity of your lab operations including the water supply provided by a Milli-Q® system. To support you, we are temporarily granting customers with eligible systems* access to Milli-Q® Connect remote service and monitoring solution at no extra activation cost**.

With Milli-Q® Connect, authorized users within your organization may:

  • Securely monitor real-time water system status and water quality data
  • Remotely control the system
  • Be notified by email or SMS in case of alerts and alarms
  • Benefit from online diagnostics and remote repairs by the Milli-Q® Service team

To request activation of Milli-Q® Connect at no extra activation cost**, or to learn more about our digital solutions that may help mitigate disruption, please contact us by filling the form below.

*    Systems eligible for Milli-Q® Connect are Milli-Q® CLX 7000, Milli-Q® HX 7000,
      Milli-Q® HR 7000 and Milli-Q® HX 7000 SD.
**  Offer valid until June 30, 2020. It encompasses the activation fee only. Travel fee may apply.

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CLRW quality water for clinical analyzers

Many diagnostic and biomedical labs are experiencing higher test volumes and consuming more water than normal. To keep up with these critical demands, we offer the robust Milli-Q® CLX 7000 water purification system, designed to reliably feed clinical analyzers with pure water needs up to 3000 L daily. Water produced complies with the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute® (CLSI) guideline for clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW).

With a Milli-Q® CLX 7000 system, clinical labs benefit from a high-performance and economical water purification solution that fulfills its many critical needs:

  • Constant source of CLRW: Patented purification technologies reliably deliver consistent-quality purified
    water with low and predictable running costs
  • Maximum productivity: Our best-in-class Milli-Q® service team combined with Milli-Q® Connect remote
    service and repair capabilities give you peace of mind and support maximum uptime.
  • Support for audits & accreditations: Powerful data management and Milli-Q® Connect online data
    services provide automatic e-record archiving, full monitoring, and rapid access to water and system data.
  • Easy-to-use with minimal maintenance: Find step-by-step touchscreen instructions, automated
    consumables traceability, and UV lamps that reduce sanitization needs for the system and the analyzer.

To support rapid and reliable COVID-19 diagnostic testing, we are now offering 40% off the purchase of Milli-Q® CLX 7000 series systems. Offer expires July 31, 2020.

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Download of step-by-step guidelines to restart your water purification system following shutdown.Guidelines to restart your water purification system

In the current challenging time, many labs were shut down in a hurry. Water systems may have been stopped or left on stand-by for many weeks. Critically, these actions may have negatively impacted your water system's performance and water quality.

To support your lab to get back on track quickly, we have put together a simple guideline to help you successfully restart your water purification system. Following the maintenance steps outlined can ensure your system’s best performance for your critical work.

We invite you to download the attached document to get your system restarted correctly.

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If you need additional support, please reach out to your local Milli-Q® representative, call our Milli-Q® Services hotline, or complete the webform below.

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