Technical Webinar

Preventing Culture Shocks

Understanding the Issues of Cell Line Authenticity
& How to Avoid Invalidating your Research

Speaker: Jim Cooper, Cell Biology Applications Scientist, ECACC
Date and time:  20th March 2014, 14:00 GMT / 15:00 CET / 09:00 CDT

Cell culture underpins basic life science research, translational research, drug discovery and toxicology testing in the fields of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Yet, despite our dependence on cultured cells as models, issues surrounding cell identity, choice of appropriate cell lines, conditions of their growth and storage, microbial contamination and over-passaging are often overlooked or misunderstood. Mistakes can have devastating impacts on the legitimacy and reproducibility of science but potentially also, on careers, reputations and funding streams.

ECACC, as part of The Culture Collections of PHE, has over 25 years’ experience of managing the distribution of authenticated cell lines and working with scientists to help achieve valid results.

Topics covered:

  • Solutions and options for managing cell culture processes
  • The impact of misidentification
  • The international consensus on cell identity and qualification

Speaker biography:  Jim Cooper, Cell Biology Applications Scientist, ECACC

Jim has over 20 years experience of delivering authentic cell cultures for researchers in academia and industry and has a wide and deep knowledge of cell biology applications. He's played a key role at ECACC managing internal and external projects and developing ECACC's cell culture training courses.  As a member of the International Cell Line Authentication Committee (ICLAC) he has a growing reputation as an enthusiastic speaker, delivering many seminars on good cell culture practice to Institutes and companies across Europe.