Green Chemistry Symposium 2021


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Join us at our free half-day Virtual Green Chemistry Symposium, to explore the challenges and opportunities in green chemistry. Learn about the valuable work being done by chemists to find greener alternatives and reduce waste, to improve sustainability in chemistry and lab work.


Earth Day, April 22, 2021

3:00pm – 7:00pm CET


Topics include:


15:00 CET

Futurecast: Sustainability in Science

Jeffrey Whitford, Head of Sustainability & Social Business Innovation and Branding, Life Science


15:30 CET

Medicinal Mechanochemistry: An Opportunity for Green Manufacturing

of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Professor Evelina Colacino, University of Montpellier


16:30 CET

Biomass and Carbon Dioxide as Renewable Carbon Feedstocks

Professor Francesca Kerton, Memorial University of Newfoundland


18:00 CET

Organic chemistry in water - it's our future

Professor Bruce Lipshutz, University of California Santa Barbara


Registraion has now closed.