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Optic Nerve

Submitted by: Dr. Andrea Domenico Rivera
University Of Portsmouth

The image depicts Oligodendrocytes identified by their expression of Sox10-GFP (green) and Myelin (Red) in a 25uM section of the adult optic nerve cultured ex-vivo for 3 days. Images were captured using a Zeiss LSM710 confocal microscope (Zeiss, Germany) and Plan-NEOFLUAR 20 objectives with a numerical aperture of 0.50. Fluorescence was detected using 488 nm (green), 647 nm (red) and 405 nm (blue) with Argon and diode lasers. Images were captured using sequential acquisition of the different channels to avoid cross-talk between fluorophores, with optimal settings for pinhole diameter 0.13-0.3 airy units, as determined by the software Zen2008 Light Edition (Zeiss, Germany).

Magnification: 20x


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