Mouse Bone Marrow

Submitted by: Dr. Lena Harder, University Children's Hospital, Pediatric Oncology Department, Zurich

The picture shows a thin tissue section from the femur of a mouse, transplanted with human leukemic cells. The tissue underwent immunofluorescence staining after ethanol fixation with antibodies against CD45 (leukemia shown here in yellow), endoglin (blood vessels shown here in red) and DAPI a nuclei stain in blue. The thickness of the tissue is 15 µm and the picture was taken with a standard widefield fluorescence microscope (Zeiss). Colour intensity is adapted to a personal standard setting, nothing else was manipulated. The picture is actually a little bit out of focus, as the tissue was not completely flat when embedded. Therefore the single structures are not visible and this great effect was created.

Magnification: 20x


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