Oligodendrocyte Precursor

Submitted by: Dr. Andrea Domenco Rivera, University of Portsmouth, School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science

The image shows Oligodendrocyte precursor cells identified by expression of the orphan receptor GPR17 (green) contacting myelinated fibres identified by myelin basic protein (MBP, red) in the postnatal mouse striatum. Coronal sections (100 µm) of paraformaldehyde (4%) fixed brains from mice (C57/BL6 strain) aged 15 days old were double immunofluorescence labelled with rabbit anti-GPR17 and rat anti-MBP and appropriate Sigma-Aldrich secondary antibodies - goat anti-rabbit488 and goat anti-rat568; the section was counterstained with Hoechst (1:500, Sigma-Aldrich) to label cell nuclei. 

Images were captured using a Zeiss LSM710 confocal microscope (Zeiss, Germany) and Plan-NEOFLUAR 20 objectives with a numerical aperture of 0.50. Fluorescence was detected using 488 nm (green), 568 nm (red) and 405 nm (blue) with Argon and diode lasers. Images were captured using sequential acquisition of the different channels to avoid cross-talk between fluorophores, with optimal settings for pinhole diameter 0.13-0.3 airy units, as determined by the software Zen2008 Light Edition (Zeiss, Germany).


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