Nexcelom Cellometer

Move beyond cell counting to detailed cell analysis

Cellometer® Auto T4 automated cell counters deliver more accurate, consistent results in a fraction of the time it would take to count cells manually. In less than  30 seconds per sample, Cellometer cell counters provide cell sample analysis results that include:
  • Cell count
  • Cell concentration
  • Trypan blue Viability
  • Cell diameter
  • Cell images and more

The time saved using the Cellometer Auto T4 allows researchers worldwide to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity.

Count and analyze cells in these steps:

  • Increase accuracy and consistency
  • Capture more data automatically
  • Analyze cells in ~30 seconds!

Since its invention in 2005, the Cellometer has delivered industry-leading cell counting solutions to thousands of customers worldwide. The innovative technology of the Cellometer allows you to:

  • View cell morphology in real time for visual confirmation after cell counting
  • Take advantage of 300+ cell types and easy, wizard-based parameter set-up
  • Save sample images and results securely on your computer, plus autosave results on your network for added convenience and data protection.

Cellometer Auto T4 automated cell counter offers signifcant advantages vs. manual counting with a hemacytometer: 

  • Fast, accurate, repeatable results: delivers superior results in less than 30 seconds, without the variability introduced by different operators
  • Proven technology: studies validate its superior accuracy and repeatability compared to manual counting
  • Maintenance-free operation: no calibration required
  • Economical: enables such signiḀcant productivity, it can pay for itself in a few months
  • View/archive cell images: you gain the beneḀts of automated cell counting without sacrifcing the ability to visually review the cell morphology