SIGMA / ECACC Cell Lines

By working together since 1999, Sigma Life Science and ECACC have built up a comprehensive range of over 1500 highly validated cell lines suitable for a broad variety of applications including cancer research, drug discovery and development, neurobiology, nutrition, diabetes and aging, to name a few.

This partnership has enabled Sigma Life Science to offer an unmatched level of quality, reliability and technical support for our customers needs by bringing together ECACC, a world renowned expertise in the maintenance and cultivation of authenticated cell lines and Sigma Life Science, a world leader in the development, optimization and manufacture of cell culture media and reagents.

ECACC's cell lines products can be ordered direct through local Sigma-Aldrich offices in Europe.

  • Reliable and speedy delivery service.

  • Purchasing cell lines using local currency

  • A reliable source of authenticated cell lines which have undergone stringent quality control, including Mycoplasma testing

  • Local technical support service

  • All Cell Lines adapted to Sigma media, sera and reagents

At present you are unable to order our cell lines directly through the online catalogue if you are based in a European country. Dont worry, as you can still easily order these cell lines through your local office.

Alphabetical Index by Cell Line name:

**Ordering ECACC Cell Lines from Sigma-Aldrich, allows you to receive the cell lines within 5 working days in Europe

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