Top 100 Cell Lines

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Ordered Item Name Description
94030304 SH-SY5Y Human neuroblastoma
85011430 Hep G2 Human Caucasian hepatocyte carcinoma
85120602 293 (also known as HEK 293) Human Embryo Kidney
91062702 RAW 264.7 Mouse monocyte macrophage
93021013 HeLa Human cervix epitheloid carcinoma
05072101 MRC-5 (PD 19) Human foetal lung
93112519 A2780 Human ovarian carcinoma
86010202 CACO-2 Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
88081201 THP 1 Human monocytic leukaemia
86012804 A549 Human Caucasian lung carcinoma
05090501 MRC-5 (PD 30) Human foetal lung
86012803 MCF7 Human Caucasian breast adenocarcinoma
07032801 SNL 76/7 Mouse SIM strain embryonic fibroblast
91031101 C2C12 Mouse C3H muscle myoblast
88042803 Jurkat E6.1 Human leukaemic T cell lymphoblast
85011440 U937 Human Caucasian histiocytic lymphoma
85011425 L929 Mouse C3H/An connective tissue
86052701 3T3 L1 Mouse Embryo
98070106 HL60 Human Caucasian promyelocytic leukaemia
88022401 PC-12 Rat adrenal phaeochromocytoma
91072201 HT29 Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
96070808 OE33 Human Caucasian oesophageal carcinoma
96071721 OE19 Human Caucasian oesophageal carcinoma
93061524 NIH 3T3 Mouse Swiss NIH embryo
92020424 MDA-MB-231 Human Caucasian breast adenocarcinoma
89121407 K562 Human Caucasian chronic myelogenous leukaemia
89081402 U-87 MG Human glioblastoma astrocytoma
05081101 MRC-5 (PD 25) Human foetal lung
93112517 A2780cis Human ovarian carcinoma
96080128 B9 Mouse B cell hybridoma
85051005 CHO-K1 Hamster Chinese ovary
84121903 MDCK Canine Cocker Spaniel kidney
86030402 1321N1 Human brain astrocytoma
85090402 A431 Human squamous carcinoma
99072806 ATDC5 Mouse 129 teratocarcinoma AT805 derived
03112702 RCC4 PLUS VECTOR ALONE Renal cell carcinoma cell line RCC4 stably transfected with an empty expression vector, pcDNA3, conferring neomycin resistance.
06090721 HUVEC (S200-05n) Human Pre-screened Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC); neonatal
84113001 Vero Monkey African Green kidney
03112703 RCC4 PLUS VHL Renal cell carcinoma cell line RCC4 stably transfected with pcDNA3-VHL
89042701 Fao Rat hepatoma
91051511 J774A.1 Mouse BALB/c monocyte macrophage
99072810 MC3T3-E1 Mouse C57BL/6 calvaria
85011428 J774.2 Mouse BALB/c monocyte macrophage
95012614 PNT1A Human post pubertal prostate normal, immortalised with SV40
92022711 U-2 OS Human Osteosarcoma
91091005 HCT 116 Human colon carcinoma
85102918 MA104 Monkey African Green kidney
95102433 BEAS-2B Human bronchial epithelium, normal
97041101 NB2-11 Rat lymphoma
85011433 BHK 21 (clone 13) Hamster Syrian kidney
85110503 NS0 Mouse myeloma
89121404 Neuro 2a Mouse Albino neuroblastoma
85072401 SP2/0-Ag14 Mouse x Mouse myeloma, non-producing
85102201 T47D Human breast tumour
01051619 1301 Human T-cell leukaemia
00062107 MDCK-II Canine Cocker Spaniel Kidney
95012613 PNT2 Human prostate normal, immortalised with SV40
90112714 PC-3 Human Caucasian prostate adenocarcinoma
93022307 TF1 Human erythroleukaemia
87021302 COS-7 Monkey African green kidney, SV40 transformed
85011435 MDCK Canine Cocker Spaniel kidney
06090720 HUVEC (200-05n) Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC); neonatal
95111734 NCI-H322 Human Caucasian bronchioalveolar carcinoma
86012802 SK.N.SH Human Caucasian neuroblastoma
89110211 LNCaP.FGC Human Caucasian prostate carcinoma
96062201 OE21 Human Caucasian oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma
94060601 PSN1 Human pancreatic adenocarcinoma
99040201 ISHIKAWA Human Asian endometrial adenocarcinoma
98050131 MFE-280 Human caucasian endometrial adenocarcinoma
86051601 MG-63 Human osteosarcoma
00021715 RK 13 Rabbit kidney, BVDV negative
94042252 EoL-1 cell Human eosinophilic leukaemia
06020201 VCaP Human Prostate Cancer Metastasis
96121229 tsA201 Human embryonal kidney, SV40 transformed
85050302 CHO Hamster Chinese ovary
85111505 HT 1080 Human fibrosarcoma
87092802 PANC-1 Human Caucasian pancreas
89050205 Saos-2 Human primary osteogenic sarcoma
06091504 Fibroblast Growth Medium (116K-500) Fibroblast Growth Medium Kit
92090903 ND7/23 Mouse neuroblastoma x Rat neurone hybrid
91091004 SK-OV-3 Human Caucasian ovary adenocarcinoma
07071909 COV434 Human ovarian granulosa tumour
86062703 Hep 3B Human hepatocyte carcinoma
88020401 Vero (WHO) Monkey African Green kidney
90011609 Nthy-ori 3-1 Human thyroid follicular epithelial
08061901 U373 MG (Uppsala) Human glioblastoma astrocytoma
88113005 A375 Human malignant melanoma
89090402 AGS Human Caucasian gastric adenocarcinoma
93120819 CAKI 2 Human Caucasian kidney carcinoma
87061208 COLO 205 Human Caucasian colon adenocarcinoma
92031919 COR-L23 Human Caucasian lung large cell carcinoma
86041809 IMR 32 Human Caucasian neuroblastoma
93120832 QT 35 Quail Japanese fibrosarcoma
90020107 WI 38 Human Caucasian foetal lung
92042701 HMVII Human vaginal maligant melanoma
85061105 HT55 Human colon carcinoma
95111735 TK6 Human lymphoblast, thymidine kinase heterozygote
08060101 SP2/0-AG14 (AC-FREE) Mouse x mouse hybridoma non-secreting, serum-free, animal component (AC) free
93100618 AR42J  RAT PANCREATIC TUMOUR Rat exocrine pancreatic tumour