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Molecular Maze - Monthly Offers

Our lab manager Sam will need your help each month to navigate through the Maze and obtain discounts.

Cell Engineering Sale

Gene-edited cells for biologically relevant, robust drug discovery.

Promotion code: HLN

Valdi until 31. December 2018

Dispensette® S - the new generation bottle-top dispenser - 25% Off

Promotion code: HJO

Valid until 31. December 2018

Save 15% on pH Meters, Electrodes and Buffers   

Promotion code: HKM

Valid until 31. December 2018

BRAND® accu-jet® Pro Pipette Controller - 35% Off

Promotion code: HHG

Valid until 31. December 2018

Sure Seal Promotion - 25% discount

Promotion code: HJT

Valid until 31. December 2018

Special Promotion on Catalysts and Ligands 

Promotion code: HJU

Valid until 31. December 2018

Millex® syringe filter units and membrane filters
Special Offers

Promotion code: HKK

Valid until 31. December 2018

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