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May: Mucin
Origin: Mucus forms the protective cover for all epithelial surfaces. The major structural component of mucus is gel-forming mucins.
Application: It was used in a study to evaluate sputum smears concentrated by cyto-centrifugation for detection of acid-fast bacilli.
How: Mucins are a diverse family of densely glycosylated proteins. The highly glycosylated properties of mucins make them resistant to proteolysis. This means they are able to hold water, giving them the gel-like properties found in mucosal barriers.
Did you know: The mucus barrier that protects the human respiratory system is so effective it prevents not only bacteria/ foreign materials but also inhaled drug therapeutics from reaching their targets. Researchers have conducted a study with newly designed 'DNA-loaded nanoparticles' that can cross the mucus barrier in the lungs. Visit the John Hopkins website to learn more.

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