Technical Webinar

Purification & Workup of Organic Synthesis

Jason Wrigley
, Scientific Liaison Team - Analytical Chemistry (Sigma-Aldrich)

Date and Time:
Thursday 6 November, 2014 (15:00 GMT /16:00 CET / 9:00 CST)

Workup and purification can be a complicated and time consuming process. This webinar offers some available options for streamlining this part of your workflow, and provide some guidance and strategic advice depending on budget, equipment and experience. Workup of aqueous fractions will also be discussed.

With the need for results as quickly as possible we will discuss how to perform reaction monitoring as quickly as possible using standard HPLC systems. We will show, with an example, how you may be able to obtain your results in 1/3 of your current time if you are running isocratically, or with generic gradients, with 5um or 3um C18 HPLC columns.

Jason Wrigley, Scientific Liaison Team - Analytical Chemistry

Jason began his career in the analytical laboratory environment, where he remained for over seven years, working in a major UK Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with small molecule identification from biological matrices, then moving on to a small Biotech company where he specialised in Chemistry Support and compound library screening.

Following six years specialising in liquid handling robotics Jason then moved into technical sales within the chemistry and analytical chemistry environment - covering all aspects from solid supported reagents, workup and purification, to final stage compound polishing.

Jason joined Sigma-Aldrich in July 2013 as an "Analytical Field Application Specialist" and is now part of the Scientific Liaison Team (SLT).  Overall Jason has now been providing technical support for chemists within the University sector, Pharma and CRO’s in the UK for the last eight years.



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