Social Responsibility

As a company founded on the principles of improving the quality of life through science, being socially responsible is in our DNA. We work to enable our employees, customers and the greater community to continue to benefit from these fundamental beliefs. This commitment is exemplified through our three social responsibility initiatives: charitable giving, employee volunteerism and a fair and safe workplace.

Team Sigma-Aldrich

Since its founding in 2004, Team Sigma-Aldrich has rallied more than 6,000 colleagues in 21 countries. These employees donate their time, dollars and skills to a host of causes and organizations around the world. These local initiatives are collectively building a network of projects that drive positive impact in education, research and economies around the world. As Team Sigma-Aldrich continues to grow, we are taking action to ensure the success and efficiency of our efforts, and to empower and reward our volunteers with great opportunities and experiences.

Team Sigma-Aldrich Goal

4.0 Volunteer hours in all 37 countries with operations



58% Complete

2014 Team Sigma-Aldrich Progress







Focus Areas

Sigma-Aldrich understands that it can leverage its employees’ skills and monetary donations more effectively by partnering with organizations that are aligned with Sigma-Aldrich’s core business competencies. As a result, we partner with organizations around the world that fall into one of three categories:

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education
Our goal is to inspire the next generation of scientists and STEM professionals. That is why we partner with schools, community organizations, and other corporations to address the growing need for STEM proficient individuals around the world.

Scientific Research
Sigma-Aldrich has become a leading life science and high technology company by working tirelessly to improve processes and increase quality. We use this same tenacity to fund and support research with focuses on disease, greener chemistry and other areas of interest to our overall mission – enabling science to improve the quality of life.

Economic Development through Science
We understand that Sigma-Aldrich is only as strong as the communities in which we operate. We partner with non-profit organizations that spur growth in the broader science sector by incubating and supporting robust STEM ecosystems that, we believe, provide an essential benefit to local and regional financial and knowledge economies.

Team Sigma-Aldrich Locations

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North America

  • STEM

    St. Louis


    Sigma-Aldrich is a founding member of STEMpact, a collaborative effort of corporations, universities, community organizations and schools that aims to transform the STEM education ecosystem to prepare tomorrow’s professionals and to ensure the vitality of the region’s economy.

    Through the STEM Teacher Quality Institute, a two week intensive summer professional development program for teachers and an initiative of STEMpact, more than 230 teachers from 13 schools have been trained. Teachers learn to integrate new technology into their classroom and to re-think lesson development to ensure their students leave as STEM capable learners.

  • Research

    St. Louis

    St. Louis Children’s Hospital

    Sigma-Aldrich supports the St. Louis Children’s Hospital through an endowment fund at the Children’s Discovery Institute (CDI). CDI is a world-class center for pediatric research and innovation created to encourage researchers to ask bold questions and to take bold risks to uncover answers.

  • Research

    St. Louis

    Muscular Dystrophy Association

    Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is the world’s leading nonprofit health agency dedicated to finding treatments and cures for muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular diseases. Sigma-Aldrich supports MDA through title sponsorship of their annual Muscle Bash event in St. Louis, which brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for research.

  • Research

    Natick, Massachusetts

    Autism Speaks

    Sigma-Aldrich partners with Autism Speaks, the world's leading autism research and advocacy organization. Autism Speaks is dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism. Sigma-Aldrich employees from a number of Sigma-Aldrich sites also contribute by participating in Walk Now for Autism Speaks and other local events.

  • STEM

    Natick & Haverhill, Massachusetts

    American Chemistry Society

    In partnership with the American Chemistry Society, employees host National Chemistry Week events both in the community and at the Natick facility.

  • STEM

    Round Rock, Texas


    Sigma-Aldrich Partners with Girlstart, a community-based informal STEM education organization dedicated to empowering and equipping girls in STEM through year-round STEM educational programming. Sigma-Aldrich employees volunteer during STEM camps and the annual STEM conference.

  • Research

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin


    JDRF is the largest charitable supporter of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) research in the world and works to treat, prevent, and hopefully cure T1D. Sigma-Aldrich is committed to supporting JDRF’s mission to completely eliminate T1D through time and monetary donations.

  • STEM

    Rockville, Maryland

    Frontiers in Science

    In partnership with Johns Hopkins and Shady Grove Hospital, Sigma-Aldrich supports the Frontiers in Science program, which provides middle school students the opportunity to learn from science experts. Additionally, students tour the lab facility and interact with high tech lab equipment.

  • STEM

    Madison, Wisconsin

    University of Wisconsin – Madison

    Sigma-Aldrich partners with the University of Wisconsin – Madison Institute for Chemistry Education to support a number of University-wide STEM education initiatives including the SciEncounters program, which sends University students and Sigma-Aldrich employees into Boys and Girls Clubs to teach STEM education.

  • STEM

    Laramie, Wyoming

    University of Wyoming

    Sigma-Aldrich worked with the University of Wyoming to develop a professional development program for teachers focused on STEM subjects. The program primarily works with schools in rural areas of Wyoming where access to science professionals may be scarce.

South America

  • Civic

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    CASA M.A.N.U.

    Based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the CASA M.A.N.U. Project focuses on the needs of children diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Sigma-Aldrich volunteers work together with their coordinator in planning activities for the children that provide them with a loving, caring environment.

  • Civic

    Rio de Janeiro

    Casa do Caminho Orphanage

    Casa do Caminho Orphanage serves homeless children ages of 4 and 18 and provides them with a safe place to live. Casa do Caminho focuses on providing educational opportunities and job training for older children to prepare them for the workforce. Sigma-Aldrich partners with Casa do Caminho by providing mentors, clothing, technology and monetary donations.


  • STEM

    Cambridge and Bromborough, UK

    Royal Society of Chemistry

    Through a Royal Society of Chemistry accredited outreach program, Sigma-Aldrich scientists travel to local schools to teach science lessons and hold science demonstrations.

  • Research

    Cambridge and Bromborough, UK

    Cancer Research UK

    Cancer Research UK is one of Europe’s leading cancer research organizations, funding research into more than 200 different types of cancer and promoting cancer awareness campaigns. Sigma-Aldrich employees and the Company contribute to the organization through a number of events such as charity walks, bake sales and participation in their signature event, Race for Life.

  • STEM

    Munich, Germany

    Local Universities

    Sigma-Aldrich collaborates with local universities through monetary and product donations. Additionally, Sigma-Aldrich employees guest lecture on a broad range of science topics.

  • STEM

    Buchs & Zurich, Switzerland

    University of Zurich

    Sigma-Aldrich collaborates with the University of Zurich and University of Bern by supporting the Chemical and Molecular program. Sigma-Aldrich hosts students at the Buchs facility, provides mentors and hosts annual research competitions.

  • STEM

    Arklow, Ireland

    Local Schools

    Employees partner with a local primary and secondary school by supporting the schools science department. Additionally, employees regularly travel to the school to guest lecture and host science demonstrations.


  • STEM

    Tokyo, Japan

    National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

    Sigma-Aldrich partners with the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and through product and monetary donations ensures students have access to high quality lab equipment. Employees also volunteer during the annual Grand Contest on Chemistry competition.

  • STEM

    Bangalore, India

    Local Schools

    Employees travel to local schools and community events to host STEM demonstrations and to discuss what a career in science looks like. Employees also partner with local universities to guest lecture and provide facility tours.


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Curiosity Labs

Curiosity Labs works to inspire curiosity in the next generation of scientists by providing the opportunity for hands on inquiry, applying scientific concepts to “real world” settings and connecting students to professionals in various scientific fields. Our trained employee volunteers bring all materials and equipment necessary to a local classroom and facilitate one of several full science lessons collaboratively developed with life science employees and education experts.

In 2016 alone, Curiosity Labs has reached more than 33,000 students in 47 cities around the world. Initial results from the program are strong, with 78.6% of students reporting increased content knowledge and 81.2% of students indicating they feel confident in science following one, one-hour lesson.

Our Workplace

Employee Breakdown


Supporting Our Employees

Without question the primary driver of growth at Sigma-Aldrich is our employees. It’s our employees who bring new ideas, who execute them on a daily basis and who respond to our customers’ needs by delivering best in class service. We work to foster an environment that makes Sigma-Aldrich an even better place to work. That is accomplished by investing in our employees through training, tuition reimbursement, broad benefit packages, by creating a safe workplace, providing consistent performance feedback and fostering an environment that is diverse and free of discrimination.

To read more about our commitment to our employees, please see our Labor Policy.

Commitment to Diversity

Women in Leadership

The Sigma-Aldrich Women in Leadership (WIL) Network celebrated its fourth year in 2013 and continues to gain momentum. The Network membership includes more than 300 women leaders from various locations in the U.S., in addition to the active participation and support of the Sigma-Aldrich senior leadership team.

Since its inception, the WIL mission has remained the same - to create an inclusive community that connects the needs and interests of women at Sigma-Aldrich to promote personal and professional growth.

Black Leaders Network

Recognizing the need for an African American employee resource group, Sigma-Aldrich launched the Black Leadership Network (BLN) as a resource group for salaried African Americans in St. Louis in 2012. In keeping with Sigma-Aldrich’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the mission of the BLN is to create an inclusive community that supports the personal and career development of its members. BLN hosts a broad range of events and workshops including a speaker series to address topics of networking and career development, informal networking events, and community events.