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A premier selection of products for the LC-MS technique for separation and analysis of small molecules and biomolecules, or for analytical assays.

Promo code: UIJ
Validity: 30/06/2021
Limited-Time offer: Scepter™ 3.0 smarter, handheld cell counting

Have a look at the Scepter™ 3.0 Cell Counter offering of the only automated cell counter that's portable and handheld, bringing the accuracy and consistency of Coulter impedance counting right to the culture hood.

Promo code UJG
Valid through 09/30/2021
Let Us Support Your COVID-19 Research

We are committed to providing researchers with the reagents and technical expertise for timely support of the COVID-19 outbreak. Explore our offering of world-class RT-PCR, RT-qPCR and supporting reagents that are suitable for COVID-19 vaccine research.
   2021 Special offer "Materials that Matter for Your Research"

We offer yearly discounts on selected products from our comprehensive portfolio of innovative, well-characterized and application-tested products to meet all your research needs in the areas of biomedical, electronics, energy and also inorganic, nanomaterials and polymer synthesis.

Promo code UFH
Promotion valid until 31/12/2021

2021 List price reduction – ORGANIC CHEMISTRY

We have reduced list prices for selected reagents, catalysts and building blocks to support researchers and engineers working in the field of organic synthesis. No promo code needed, simply check our new list pricing for products listed in the attached flyer.

A time-limited special offer on some of the most essential reagents for organic chemistry labs – selected anhydrous solvents and organometallic reagents in Sure/Seal™ bottles and our most favourite catalysts, complexes and metal sources. Enjoy the savings and the delivery at the speed of science – we love to support your productivity.

Promo code UJV
Promotion valid until 30/06/2021


In these constantly changing times, rapid and accurate scientific research is more important than ever. We at { Merck } want to ensure that you can generate results as efficiently as possible, without compromising quality and your budget. Therefore, we have compiled a list of products that will save you precious time in the lab. Download our promo brochure „SAVE TIME“ with discounts on products used in proteomics, genomics and cell culture.

Promo code UNI
Hurry up – promotion valid only till June, 30th 2021

Tisztelt Vásárlónk!

Szeretnénk tájékoztatni arról, hogy milyen lépéseket tettünk termékeink megbízható elérhetősége érdekében.

Felhívjuk figyelmét, hogy a megrendelt cikkek / katalógusszámok némelyikét most már „single units” (egyedi) egységekben javasoljuk, nem pedig „multipack” kiszerelésben. (pl. A mellékelt listán szereplő termékeknél)

A „multipack ” és most „single bottle”-ként kínált termék fizikailag azonos, és ugyanolyan specifikációval rendelkezik.

Ha bármilyen kérdése van, vegye fel a kapcsolatot képviselőjével vagy a helyi ügyfélszolgálattal.