Strat-M® Transdermal Diffusion Membrane

Experience the unmatched predictability of Strat-M® membrane—a synthetic, non-animal based model for transdermal diffusion testing that is predictive of diffusion in human skin without lot-to-lot variability, safety or storage limitations.

Designed for transdermal diffusion and safety
testing of

  • Cosmetic Actives
  • Formulations
  • Personal Care Products
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)
  • Pesticides and Chemicals

Strat-M® Membrane Correlation Data

Are you testing active compounds for transdermal diffusion?
Optimizing your formulations? Using enhancers? Performing
safety testing on your formulations?

Use our interactive Compound Correlation Tool to learn how
well Strat-M® membrane will work for your specific needs.

Strat-M® Transdermal Diffusion Membrane Video

How does the Strat-M® membrane mimic human skin? Watch this animation to find out and learn how the Strat-M® membrane can enable formulation optimization.



Demo Video: Strat-M® transdermal diffusion testing using a Logan Franz Diffusion Cell System


Strat-M® in Action: Predicting Transdermal Diffusion

We’ve compiled a sampling of peer-reviewed studies which cite Strat-M®, detailing procedures for its use in skin diffusion testing.