Risk Mitigation Videos

Manage Your Risk in IVD Manufacturing

How can you secure the supply of your critical raw materials used for in vitro diagnostics (IVD) manufacturing? View our video series for ideas on reducing your supply risk. The many options presented here will allow you to develop a risk mitigation strategy that works for your specific IVD manufacturing requirements.

Is your IVD supply chain prepared for unexpected problems?

This video reviews 5 questions about your supply chain you may have not asked yourself, which are key to ensuring your company is prepared for an unexpected supply chain disruption. Implementing these tips can help support consistent, on-time delivery and quality, and ensure a secure and productive future for your IVD company.


How to ensure the critical delivery of IVD raw materials.

Make sure your materials arrive on time and secure success with our supply security. Working with IVD raw materials requires supplier priority, and achieving on time in full delivery requires open discussion and collaboration with your suppliers. Learn how to start the discussion today.


How to assess and mitigate risk in your IVD supply chain

This video demonstrates how we perform risk assessment, outlines tools we use, and walks you through an example of how we approach material assessment, from beginning to end.


Quality assurance in IVD manufacturing

Ensure your quality is up to standard, and that you’re getting the quality support you need. By choosing the right supplier and right quality you can limit your supply chain risk and amplify your success.


Advanced risk mitigation strategies

This video further explores more advanced strategies for supply chain security. Work on reducing supply risk with these advanced topics that our experts can walk you through, including our proprietary risk assessment and workshop.

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