Flavors & Fragrances Analysis

We offer quality product solutions in all three stages of analysis to help achieve fast, accurate results. Below, you can learn more about our workflow solutions for sample preparation, separation, detection and analysis. Speed and resolution are key in determining purity, identity or verifying composition. Search for a particular product or download interactive application libraries.

 Flavor & Fragrance Analysis Workflow

Sample Preparation
Automated Solutions
for Sample Preparation
Columns with Superior Resolution
for F&F Compounds
  Detection & Analysis
Reliable Products
for Accurate Results

Analytical Reagents – Proven quality and high purity
Derivatization Reagents – Reliability for any application
Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) – Fully automated and unmatched Sample Prep for F&F
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) – Broadest offering of stationary phase for all Sample Prep challenges
Filtration Technologies & Millex® – Syringe filters you can trust
Ionic Liquid GC Columns – Unique Selectivity for essential oil separations
SLB Columns for GC-MS – Durable and sensitive columns e.g. for allergen analysis
Equity-1 GC Columns – Ideal where a non-polar column is needed
SUPELCOWAX® 10 GC Columns – Polar column e.g. for aromatics and F&F compounds
Watercol™ GC Columns – Measurement of aqueous  samples and/or Water
Chiral GC Columns – Widest selectivity range for enantiomer separations

Ascentis® Express U/HPLC Columns – Fused-Core® Technology for highest efficiency
Chromolith® HPLC Columns – Lowest back pressure & highest robustness against dirty samples
Purospher® STAR UHPLC Columns – Capacity, Inertness & highest reproducibility
Chiral HPLC Columns – Widest selectivity range for enantiomer separations
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