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Regulatory changes. Industry news. Product solutions. Three important areas that influence your daily work.

This Learning Center includes these areas of  valuable, online information for the Flavors and Fragrances industry. You will find  white papers, industry links, videos and other resources below  to help you get the facts you need -- quickly.

Ingredients Catalog
Download the new 2014 F&F Ingredients Catalog featuring a wide selection of new products.


Application Guides
Download our Ingredients Application Guides for accurate and descriptive application information on a select number of our products.


Bi-Monthly Newsletter
Join 2,500 of your peers who turn to Sigma-Aldrich for the latest industry trends and continuous new products.


The Basics for Reaction Flavors
We now offer reaction flavor ingredients including top notes for your next great flavor. Read the article to learn more about the use of reaction flavors and our offering.


Comfort Notes for Fall and Winter
Consumers long for smells and flavors that give them a comforting and warm feeling. So light your favorite candle and grab a warm latte with these popular flavor and fragrance ingredients.


Flavor From Around the World
View a few of our newest products that were inspired by flavors around the world.


Technology Impacting Our Senses
Consumers’ ever-evolving tastes and attention spans, coupled with technological breakthroughs, have provided some interesting and impactful changes for our senses. Read more about how technology is impacting or sensory experiences.


Evolving Regulatory Landscape
Read about how consumer demand is changing regulation standards for food manufacturers and how the industry is responding.



Meeting the IFRA Standards
Learn more about some of our
highlighted fragrance ingredients that have been upgraded to meet the IFRA guidelines.



Flavors of Summer 2016
Pull out your favorite gingham table cloth and fire up the grill with these classic picnic and BBQ-inspired flavor and fragrance ingredients.


Clean and Clear Labels
Read about how food manufacturers are being impacted by the need for simple claims and packaging in effort to create maximum transparency for the customer.


Hot Spring/Summer Scents
New global trends have forecasted Gourmand and Freesia fragrance notes to take off in Spring-Summer of 2016. Sample our products for your next formulation.


Read Article
2016 Flavor Trends - Explore exciting new flavors and industry trends we are reading about for 2016.



Read Article
The Fight Against Chemophobia – Educating consumers on natural vs. “chemical-free.” Debunking the notion that one’s diet much be “chemical-free.”


View Tutorial
Learn how to navigate the ingredient search tool, find the products you're looking for and all accompanying documentation.


Read Article
A World Without Fragrance? What going fragrance-free really means.


Read Article
Fiery Flavors: Consumers Seek Bolder Flavors, Yet Demand Full Transparency


Read Article
Hard to Find FEMA GRAS™ 25 List Flavor Ingredients


Read Article
5 Questions to Ask Your Ingredients Supplier about Supply Chain and Regulatory Compliance


Read Article
Time for Transparency: Get Real with Consumers About Your Ingredients


Read Article
Beat the Honey Shortage: A feature on Ethyl Phenylacetate and Its Honey Applications


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