Beer Testing & Analysis

Beer processing


Great tasting beer is not created by accident. It is crafted by expert hands with the aid of advanced tools that allow precise monitoring of all the parameters that influence the quality and taste of beer. We provide breweries with solutions for reliable and rapid monitoring of the entire brewing process, from raw material and water quality, through fermentation and final product control. With expert technologies and kits for chemical and microbial testing you can trust that every brew is perfect, and most importantly, safe for the consumer.

Beer Processing Workflow



Raw Materials
The raw materials used in beer production greatly influence the taste and quality of the final brewed product. Accurate QC of grains, media and process water ensures that the brewed beer is not only safe, but also delivers a consistent flavor profile from batch to batch.


Processing and Fermentation
Yeast requires the right balance of oxygen and food for successful fermentation. Precise analysis of gases and chemicals in the brew environment help maintain optimal conditions during the beer processing and fermentation steps.

Additionally, proper hygiene and microbial monitoring is critical to preventing batch infection by competing microorganisms.


Process Monitoring and Final Product Control

Post fermentation, a series of chemical and microbial tests assess the beer for quality and consistency.

Organisms like Lactobacilli, Pediococci, Pectinatus, Megasphaera molds and wild yeasts cause spoilage and off-flavors in the final brew.

A range of chemical analyses detect trace levels of pesticides and other factors that contribute to the taste of the final brew, including bitterness, color, flavonoids, iron, sulfites, and calcium.

Quality control of beer through bottling and packaging ensures that every glass of beer has consistent color, foam and taste. Most importantly, brewers can rest assured that their product is safe for the consumer.


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