Beverage & Water Microbiological Control

Beverage and Water Microbiological Control


 Discover our Microbial Testing Solutions for Beverages

Microbiological testing of beverages is essential to ensure that they are safe to drink, but also to prevent spoilage. We offer a full range of products for the detection of spoilage bacteria, yeasts, molds, and pathogens in raw materials through to the finished products, whether you’re producing wine, beer, soft drinks or bottled water.

Our microbial testing products and kits comply with international standards for beverage testing. The portfolio includes compliant media, membrane filtration, environmental air and surface monitoring, and rapid testing solutions along with a full range of services to help you meet regulatory requirements while ensuring the safety and quality of your beverages.


Upcoming webinar: Spoilage and sterility tests in beverages. Join us on Nov 29 to learn about the revised IFU method no.12.