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On-demand Webinar: Hygiene Monitoring Impact of Disinfectants on ATP Results

ATP testing is being used by many food & beverage companies to verify the efficiency of their cleaning procedure. The amount of ATP is measured by the bioluminescence reaction (luciferin + luciferase). Some chemical compounds, including detergents, can affect the light signal of this reaction. Therefore, the presence of disinfectant residues on surfaces can have a negative impact on the reading and lead to false negative results. We provided a scientific comparison study, to see how different sample devices react to the main sanitizers used in food and beverage industry.

Besides that we will be pleased to introduce some projects our innovation center is working on:

  • Clean meat: an innovation that focuses on the biotechnology required to produce genuine meat grown in vitro
  • Is it fresh: a collaboration with a start-up company that makes packaging smart enough to indicate if the food is still fresh.