Dental Monomers, Polymers & Inorganics

The development of high-performance dental products requires high-quality starting materials for formulation and polymerization. Sigma-Aldrich offers a variety of innovative materials for dental applications, such as monomers, polymers, crosslinkers, resins, initiators, impression materials, as well inorganic materials including metal salts, oxides, ceramics and nanopowders. Our expertise in supply chain management, custom manufacturing and our commitment to tailoring our services around your needs will enable you to quickly develop and commercialize successful new products.


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Organic & Polymer Materials
• Reagents for Polymerization
• Polymers
• Hydrophilic Polymers


Inorganic Materials
Metal Salts
• Oxides
• Ceramics
• Nanopowders


Lab Basics
Explore our selection of high-quality, stockroom and basic research products.



Other Additives
Discover other additives for adhesives, stabilizers, plasticizers, and initiators.


Custom Capabilities
Learn more about our custom supply chain and manufacturing capabilities.


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