Specialty Monomers for Ophthalmic Applications

 From Research to Commercial Scale Manufacturing

Innovative high quality raw materials are essential for providing effective and comfortable intraocular and contact lenses. We offer a selection of monomers for ophthalmic R&D and commercial applications, as well as manufacturing capabilities to customize or produce monomers to customer's specifications, reducing your total cost of product development and manufacturing process.

Innovation that Drives Your Development Pipeline

 Make Sure Your Monomer Supply is Fit for Use in Ophthalmic Production

Stringent regulations on the manufacturing of contact lenses require a high-level of supply chain control, compliance and quality management on your critical raw materials. To help meet these requirements, we offer Technical Project Management tailored around your specific needs:

  • Service level agreements based on customer risk assessment
  • Supply chain control and transparency
  • Safe and global supply, including dual source and inventory management
  • Custom purity specifications


Continuous Flow Manufacturing White Paper
Download our White Paper on using innovative flow chemistry approach to manufacture monomers for Ophthalmic applications.
Quality Management Systems

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