Small Molecule Workflow

When analysing small molecules the overarching need is to maximize sensitivity without compromising reproducibility and laboratory throughput. We have developed unique tools to maximize speed and selectivity throughout the entire workflow. To support the diverse techniques required such as GC, spectrophometric, TLC, U/HPLC, titration, trace analysis, impurity tracking.

 Sample Collection

We offer a comprehensive selection of vials for all analytical sample collection needs ranging from vials optimised for HPLC, LC-MS, GC(MS) to specialty vials. Our BioSPME products allow for selective extraction of a broad range of analytes.


 Sample Preparation

Sample preparation and purification includes products for flash chromatography and LPLC, solid phase extraction (SPE), solid phase microextraction (SPME), air monitoring, sample decomposition, and purge and trap techniques. The product range features our dioxin and PCB sample prep system; pharmaceutical, environmental, and dispersive SPE tubes; desorption tubes and adsorbent cartridges for active and passive air sampling, resins and media for purification/separation.



 Supporting Products, Services and Labware

Water Purification Systems from Lab Water

Our expertise in water purification systems ensures that you have the right quality of water for your application.


Our comprehensive labware product portfolio supports all your analytical needs.