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HARLECO® Dyes & Stains: 100 Years of Excellence in Microscopy

HARLECO® Dyes & Stains: 100 Years of Excellence in Microscopy

Since 1919, HARLECO® brand dyes and stains have given outstanding contrast, color and clarity to your sample specimens in hematology, cytology, histology and microbiology. HARLECO® dry dyes and staining solutions cover classical formulations as well as many new and improved modifications, developed from our years of experience.

We invite you to view how HARLECO® brand dyes and stains can be used. Download our brochure (US & Canada customers only) to learn more about the applications of HARLECO® dyes and stains and for product information.

Explore HARLECO® brand dyes and stains

Hematology Hematology
The HARLECO® product line offers ready-to-use staining solutions for blood and bone marrow samples that yield intense and reproducible results. Solutions can be used for manual and automated staining procedures in the fully-automated Midas® III-Plus Automated Stainer.
Cytology Cytology
HARLECO® Gill’s and Papanicolaou standard reagents can help to provide highly reproducible, sensitive results when staining gynecological and clinical specimens.
Histology Histology
We offer the complete workflow of products needed to prepare histology samples, including top-quality fixing media and high purity solvents. HARLECO® stain results are color stable, reproducible and offer sufficient sensitivity to reveal all structural details.
Microbiology Microbiology
HARLECO® bacteriological standard stains for Gram and TB detection offer easy application and reproducible, stable results. Staining solutions can be used for manual as well as for automated staining procedures in the Midas® III-Plus Automated Stainer.

Learn about our full offering for Microscopy by visiting our Tissue Diagnostics Industry page.