Customer Declaration Forms

Certain product or customer types require End-User Declaration Forms to be completed before we can proceed with your order. A comprehensive list of the forms are noted below, please select the one most relevant to your product requirements – as advised by the Customer Support Team.

Please return a copy of both your completed form and official order by fax to 1800 600 222 or 0402 20375

Form A Customer Declaration of Specific Use(s) of the Scheduled Category 1 or Category 2 Substances
Form D End-User Statement
Form E End-User Information
Form F End User Compliance Form
Form G GMO IRMM Certified Reference Material Destination Information
Form H Ozone Depletor End-User Statement
Form J Controlled Drug Export Form from UK
Form K End-User Information
Form L End-User Information
Form ML8 Military Usage Form
Form N GMO Centre Registration Information
Form U End-User Statement