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カスタム(シグマジェノシス)製品 | カスタムペプチド合成 | Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

Sigma-Aldrich can provide high-quality synthetic peptides. Peptides are delivered with MALDI-TOF/MS and HPLC data. Additionally, general guideline of peptide handling and storage is attached.
Please refer to this guideline on dissolving. And the check sheet is also attached, which says the amino acid composition of your peptide sequences and isoelectric point.


Purity Yield shipping schedule
Immunological Purity
5mg 3 weeks
>70% Purity 5mg 3 weeks
>80% Purity 5mg 3-4 weeks
>90% Purity 5mg 4-5 weeks
>95% Purity 5mg 4-5 weeks

*Please inquire about price of peptide

*Shipping schedule in the table, for the peptide sequence length below 21AA. Please inquire about over 21AA peptide.

Terminal modification / Modified amino acids available

Fluorescein pY N-terminal Acetylation
Biotin pS C-terminal Amidation
Myristoyl pT KLH/BSA carrier protein conjugation

*Please inquire about price and shipping schedule of modified peptide.

Proven Terminal modification / Modified amino acids

C-terminal NH2 of side chain Modified amino acid
Amidation Biotin 3-Nitro-Tyrosine
  Fluorescein 6-Aminocaproic acid(Ahx)
N-terminal   Aminobutyric acid (Abu)
Acetylation  SH of side chain Citrulline
Biotin Biotin Cysteine(Acm protected) 
Boc(butoxycarbonyl)   D-Amino acid 
Dabcyl Atto488 Dimethy-Lysine
Dabsyl Atto550 Hydroxy-Proline
DHA Atto633 Methyl-Lysine
Formylation Atto647N Norleucine(Nle)
Myristoylation Atto655 Ornithine
Nicotinic acid  Dansyl Phosphorylation
Palmitylation Fluorescein Pyroglutamic acid 
Z.Cbs(Carbobenzoxyl) RG(Rhodamine Green)  Trimethyl-Lysine
  Rhodamine B β-Alanine
special treatment Tamra(Tetramethylrhodamine) ε-Acetyl-Lysine
Branching Texas Red   
Carrier protein conjugation   etc.

For handling and storage of peptides

Please see Synthetic Peptide Storage and Handling guide (PDF: 458kb).


DNA Calculatorが新機能を追加してリニューアル!


  • Analysis:分子量、Tm値、ダイマー、ヘアピン予測等。DNA/RNA/特殊塩基にも対応します。
  • Resuspension:核酸の溶解液量の計算をサポートします。
  • Dilution:核酸溶液の希釈計算をサポートします。



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