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Table of Contents


Nanotechnology Foreword

Greg T. Hermanson
Bioscience Consultant and Author of Bioconjugate Techniques


【Magnetic Imaging】

Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Micro- and Nanoparticles

Jon Dobson

pp 3

Method: Conjugation Protocols for Magnetic Nanoparticles

Xin Ji, Y. Andrew Wang

pp 8

【Fluorescence-based Imaging】

Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Imaging and Diagnostics

Maria Ada Malvindi, Enrico Binetti, Pier Paolo Pompa

pp 14

Method: Fluorescent Silica Nanoparticle Bioconjugation

Maria Ada Malvindi, Enrico Binetti, Pier Paolo Pompa

pp 17

【Optical Imaging】

Plasmonic Materials and Their Applications in Diagnostics

Bo Zhang, Jeyarama S. Ananta, Meijie Tang, Hongjie Dai

pp 22

Method: Conjugation of Proteins to Gold Nanoparticles

Benny Pacheco

pp 26

Method: Conjugating Gold Nanorods to Streptavidin and IgG

Christian Schoen

pp 31

Method: Directional Antibody Conjugation of Silica-coated Gold Nanoparticles

Justin Harris, Brantley Henson, Jason Cook, Kimberly Homan

pp 33

Method: Covalent Bioconjugation of Antibodies to Carboxyl Terminated Nanoparticles

Rhea Decker, Steven J. Oldenburg

pp 37

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