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Deoxygenation apparatus

One-piece condenser/flask unit for degassing solvents. Flask has angled Standard Taper joint and 7mm gas dispersion tube (porosity 25-50 mm) with 2mm glass stopcock. 250mL flask capacity, S.T. 14/20 joint.


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Schlaker Reaction Tubes

The glass frit in the side-arm permits filtration of excess reagents and solvent removal with complete recovery of the resin for the next reaction. Made of heavy-wall glass, with 2mm glass stopcock and frit (porosity 25-50 mm) on side-arm, and a plain or a threaded S.T 14/20 top joint. Compatible with Schlenk glassware and with our All-in-One Glassware kit.

Schlaker Tube Technique
  1. Place resin in the tube.
  2. Evacuate and purge with N2 to remove oxygen via a rubber septum or a septum-inlet adapter in the top joint.
  3. Stir gently while heating in an oil bath for high temperatures, or place on a shaker for room temperature reactions.
  4. When the reaction is complete, apply positive N2 pressure through the septum in the top joint, and vacuum to the side-arm.
  5. Tilt the Schlaker tube on its side to allow solvent and excess reagents to flow out, leaving the resin behind.
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S.T. 14/20 joint
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Screw-thread joint
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Firestone valve

A rapid, efficient, and foolproof purge valve for 100% replacement of air in reaction vessels. Automatically controls gas flow and pressure. No special fittings needed. Connect reaction vessel, house-vacuum, and purge gas to the Firestone valve via 10mm o.d. connections. Conserve expensive gases by decreasing flow to almost zero after purging.


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