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Wrap-it tiesWrap-it ties setWrap-it tie installing toolAldrich 9-in-1 Tool

Wrap-it ties

Self-locking, one-piece nylon construction.
Use with installing tool listed below.

Length (in.)
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Wrap-it tie set

Contains 180 pieces in a PP case. Includes sizes from 3 1/4 to 7 1/2in. Also includes 3 1/2in. hanking and marker ties.


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Wrap-it tie installing tool

Automatically adjusts wrap-it tie tension to desired position. Tension activated cutting blade trims off excess tie.


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Aldrich 9-in-1 tool

This handy tool does the work of 9 different tools, in a compact, foldable body that slips inside a rugged nylon case for storage. Case also mounts to belt. Made of quality stainless steel.

9-Different tools: Flat-blade screwdriver, Jack knife blade, Phillips screwdriver, Pliers, Wire stripper/cutter, Reamer blade (flat tip), Saw, Shaper blade, Side cutter


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