Custom Glassware

Knowledgeable and Experienced

  • Master and Senior level artisans with over 90 years combined experience
  • A team of highly trained glass blowers
  • A professional R&D chemist for expert application and design assistance

Microscale to Pilot Plant Capability

  • Custom Vessels: 10mL to 100L
  • Custom distillation apparatus and multiple jacketed condensers
  • Custom manifolds, silver jacketed columns, and special adapters
  • Any custom glass that a chemist would need for synthesis and research

Scientific Glassware Repairs

  •  Minimize waste
  •  Repairs made to original configurations
  •  Reduce costs

Turnaround time

3-7 working days after receipt of order.
Phone 414-438-2630
Fax 414-438-4220


Custom Glassware Kits

Take a look at our Glassware Kits, to see what combinations we offer. We’re also able to quote the cost of a custom glassware kit to fit your needs.