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Aldrich vacuum-jacketed filter funnelPressure filter/drying funnels
Pressure filter/drying funnel assemblies with removable fritted disc
Pressure filter funnelsAldrich fritted filter funnels
Ace pressure filter/drying funnels
Aldrich Kramer filter

Aldrich vacuum-jacketed filter funnel



200mL, 50mm frit, 25 to 50 mm porosity. S.T. 45/50F top joint, S.T. 24/40M bottom joint, 60mm Diam x 280mm L. Includes S.T. 45/50M to S.T. 24/40F reducing adapter for top joint.


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Pressure filter/drying funnels

Useful for drying air-sensitive compounds with inert gas or as a pressure filter funnel. The threaded top connection provides a wide opening for easy access to contents and provides a positive connection without the use of expensive pinch clamps. Funnels are heavy wall throughout with a coarse fritted disc. Supplied complete with fritted funnel and top inlet assembly.

Funnel cap. (mL) Disc diam. (mm) Thread size Catalog Number
15 20 GL 32 Z42,285-1
60 40 GL 45 Z42,287-8
140 65 GL 45 Z42,288-6
350 80 GL 45 Z42,289-4
600 90 GL 45 Z42,290-8

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Pressure filter/drying funnel assemblies with removable fritted disc

Pressure or vacuum can be applied alternately or simultaneously for fast filtration or drying. Unique design allows the fritted disc to be removed and replaced. The bottom support is all PTFE and has a vent. A port is supplied on the top cap for an optional adjustable pressure relief valve. Large top and bottom openings are 85mm i.d. allowing easy access to funnel contents. Complete assembly includes top cap, funnel, coarse frit, 90mm base assembly, and 2L bottle with GL 45 thread.

Funnel cap. (mL) Catalog Number
500 Z42,291-6
1,000 Z42,292-4
2,000 Z42,293-2

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Pressure filter funnels

Complete with funnel, cap, and pinch clamp. With 65/40 ball joint and S.T. 24/40 bottom joint.


Frit diam.
Diam x H (mm)
Catalog Number
Funnel only
Catalog Number
Frit porosity: 70 to 100 mm
250 50 160 x 285 Z14,765-6 Z14,771-0
500 65 175 x 315 Z14,766-4 Z14,772-9
1,000 90 100 x 340 Z14,767-2 Z14,773-7
Frit porosity: 25 to 50 mm
250 50 160 x 285 Z14,768-0 Z14,774-5
500 65 175 x 315 Z14,769-9 Z14,775-3
1,000 90 100 x 340 Z14,770-2 Z14,776-1

Replacement parts
Cap, 65/40 ball joint, 85mm H
Z14,778-8 -

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Aldrich fritted filter funnels

Filter large volumes of air- and moisture-sensitive compounds quickly. With porosity C frit, 75 mm O-ring top and S.T. 24/40 or 29/32 bottom joint. Choose the 75mm O-ring top which fits your application. Stainless steel clamps are listed below.

Frit Diam (mm) Diam. x H
S.T. 24/40
Catalog Number
S.T. 29/32
Catalog Number
1 90 95 x 340 Z51,728-3 Z51,734-8
2 120 130 x 360 Z51,729-1 Z51,735-6
4 150 165 x 420 Z51,730-5 Z51,736-4
6 150 165 x 540 Z51,731-3 Z51,737-2
10 150 165 x 800 Z51,732-1 Z51,738-0

Aldrich 75mm O-ring tops

Each top comes with a 4mm PTFE stopcock. Use the stainless steel clamp listed below.

Torion inlet style - Use 1/2in. hard-wall transfer tubing (e.g. PP or PTFE) for the airtight transfer of air-sensitive materials.

Standard Taper - The S.T. 24/40 and S.T. 29/32 joint can accommodate a transfer adapter or a filter funnel.

Catalog Number
Torion inlet top
S.T. 24/40 top
S.T. 29/32 top
Replacement Viton O-Ring

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Ace pressure filter/drying funnels

Complete with cap, funnel body, and FETFE O-ring. O-ring joint between cap and body gives larger opening for easier access to contents. Disc porosity: 70 to 100 mm.

Cap. (mL) Disc diam. (mm) Joint i.d. (mm) Catalog Number
15 20 20 Z13,729-4
60 40 40 Z13,730-8
350 80 40 Z13,731-6
Pinch clamps
For use with Z13,729-4   Z15,407-5
For use with Z13,730-8 and Z13,731-6   Z15,653-1

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Aldrich Kramer filter

With coarse-glass frit and metal-lock tip. 12.5mm D x 110mm L.


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