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Metals/Metal Hydrides Test Kit
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w/Traditional S.T. 14/20 jointsw/ System 45 compatible connections

Complete sets of reaction and distillation glassware in foam-lined, hard shell storage cases.

Available in two styles:

Traditional S.T. 14/20 joints


Grease-free, threaded S.T. 14/20 joints


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Replacement parts

Description Traditional
S.T. 14/20 joints
S.T. 14/20 joints
1.  Drying tube
2.  Vacuum adapter
3.  Vacuum-distilling adapter
4.  Round-bottom flask, 100mL
5.  3-way connecting adapter
6.  Round-bottom flask, 3-neck, angled, 100mL
7.  Vigreux distillation column, 19cm L
       (threaded column is 15cm)
8.  Claisen adapter
9.  Hollow stopper (2ea)
10. Liebig condenser, 20cm L (threaded is 10cm L)
11. Thermometer adapter, PTFE
12. Gas-inlet tube, 20cm L
13. Dropping funnel, 50mL, with 2mm PTFE stopcock
14. Round-bottom flask, 25mL
15. Round-bottom flask, 50mL
16. Screw cap, bushing, and O-ring set (12ea)

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Aldrich All-In-One glassware kit with System 45 compatible connections

This newly designed set of reaction and distillation glassware incorporates Corning System 45 compatible connections for the ultimate in safety and performance. A simple twist of the threaded PBT/PTFE adapters effects a grease-free, gas-tight seal at all glass connections. Keck joint clips secure S.T. 14/20 joints to these adapters.

  • Greaseless, gas-tight connections, no frozen joints
  • Patented PBT/PTFE threaded adapters connect glassware with S.T. 14/20 joints
  • Safe quick-disconnect tubing fittings
  • Wide, easy-access GL 25 screw-thread flask openings
  • Foam-lined glassware storage case


  1. Vigreux distilling column, S.T. 14/20 bottom joint
  2. Round-bottom flask, 100mL
  3. Round-bottom flask, 50mL
  4. Round-bottom flask, 25mL
  5. Connecting adapter, S.T. 14/20 bottom and side joints
  6. Drying tube, with S.T. 14/20 joint
  7. Claisen adapter, with S.T. 14/20 bottom joint
  8. Vacuum adapter, with quick-disconnect and S.T. 14/20 joint
  9. Liebig condenser, with two quick-disconnects and S.T. 14/20 joint
  10. Dropping funnel, 50mL, with PTFE valve
  11. Gas-inlet tube/thermometer adapter
  12. Round-bottom flask, 3-neck, angled, 100mL
  13. Vacuum-distilling adapter, with quick-disconnect and S.T. 14/20 joint
  14. PBT/PTFE S.T. 14/20 joint adapters (5)
  15. Septum-inlet cap with PTFE-faced silicone liner
  16. Solid-top caps (3), PBT with PTFE liner (not shown)

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