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Ball-TubeLoad Flasks

Distills the Most Difficult Materials
  • Distills heat-sensitive compounds
  • Distills liquids and low-melting solids from polymers and tars
  • Distills with minimal holdup and sample loss
  • Removes color and particulates
  • Can be used for sublimation/solvent evaporation

Typical operation

Step 1
Fill the load (oven) flask (25 mL to 2 L) one-third full with distillable material. Connect the load flask to the motor drive coupling inside the oven. Connect the load flask to a horizontal receiving flask outside the oven. Connect a straight tube to the receiving flask and to a vacuum source with rubber tubing.
Step 2
A vacuum pump may be plugged into the receptacle on the rear of the oven and switched on and off from the Kugelrohr front control panel.

*Use of a vacuum trap between the rotary drive and the pump is recommended to protect the pump. See the Equipment Section of our handbook for vacuum traps.
Step 3
Fill cooling tray with ice.
Step 4
Turn on the Kugelrohr main power switch. Set the distillation temperature on the front control panel, turn on the motor drive and vacuum pump.
Step 5
Collect distillate in the horizontal receiving flask outside the oven.View this video to get an overview of the Kugelrohr features.


  • Oven flask size range: 25mL to 2 L
  • Heating range: ambient to 230 °C, +/- 3 °C across span after stabilization
  • Power: 120/240 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz +/- 3%, detachable power cord
  • Fuses: Heater 7.5 A, Vac 2.5 A, Power input 10A• Heater: 900 W
  • Size: 25 in. W x 11 in. D x 18 in. H, (30 in. clearance required with door open)
  • Rotation : 270 deg each direction
  • Operating environment: 32 to 40 °C, 0 to 90% RH, noncondensing
  • CE, WEEE and RoHS complilant

NOTE: A trap between the receiving flask/s and vacuum pump is recommended.
ORDERING NOTE: Purchase Kugelrohr glassware separately.

Catalog Number

Load flasks for Kugelrohr apparatus

Heavy wall glass flask with solid support that attaches to Kugelrohr motor drive coupling. Fill load flask one-third full with distillable material.

Prod No. Features


capacity 25 mL, Joint: ST/NS 14/20


capacity 50 mL, Joint: ST/NS 14/20


capacity 100 mL, Joint: ST/NS 14/20


capacity 500 mL, Joint: ST/NS 14/20


capacity 250 mL, Joint: ST/NS 24/40


capacity 500 mL, Joint: ST/NS 24/40


capacity 1000 mL, Joint: ST/NS 24/40


capacity 2000 mL, Joint: ST/NS 24/40


capacity 250 mL, Joint: ST/NS 14/20

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