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Dual-action NMR tube cleaners

  • For high volume cleaning, no o-rings needed
  • Specially designed to prevent accidental breakage of tubes
  • Highly efficient solvent jets improve cleaning and reduce solvent usage
  • For 7 or 8in. L, 5mm NMR tubes
Number of positions S.T. Joint Product Number
One 24/40 Z421561
One 29/32 Z421588
Three 24/40 Z414174
Three 29/32 Z421596
Reservoir flask, 1,000 mL 24/40 Z414182
  29/32 Z421618

High capacity NMR tube cleaner

Single position tube cleaner with 100mL solvent reservoir for less frequent filling.


S.T. Joint For Tube (mm) Catalog Number
24/40 5 Z239216
29/32 5 Z239224

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NMR tube cleaner with wash and dry cycle

Rotating the 2mm PTFE stopcock 1/4 turn controls the washing and drying cycles. Integral check-valve prevents back flow of spent solvent into reservoir.


Eliminates manual reservoir filling by connecting directly to a solvent bottle

Five-position NMR tube cleaner system

Washes up to five 5mm, 7 or 8in. L NMR tubes at once (Figure 1). NMR tube caps can be used to plug holes if less than five tubes are to be cleaned. Cleaning solvent is pulled from an external container via PTFE tube, eliminating repetitious filling of side mounted reservoirs. Note: Bottle for cleaning solvent is not included.

Z422843 is our feature product in this category.

  • Totally inert, cleaning solvents contact borosilicate glass and PTFE
  • No ground joints to freeze, eliminates grease
  • Top PTFE tube holder provides a vacuum-tight seal
  • Modular components are easy to replace

Simple to use:

  1. Slide O-rings approx. 25mm down on NMR tubes
  2. Insert NMR tubes into top adapter
  3. Turn on vacuum, make sure all O-rings are seated in top adapter
  4. Open solvent valve to wash tubes
  5. Turn solvent valve 90° to air dry tubes