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ManostatsHeavy-baseGlass mercury trapSwivel McLeod vacuum gauge



Requires approx. 20mL of mercury, not included. 2mm Glass stopcocks.

Frit porosity (mm)
Catalog Number
25 - 50
10 - 20

Please refer to Aldrich Technical Information Bulletin AL-153 for procedural details.

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Heavy-base manometer

A constriction in the U-tube checks mercury surge if there is a sudden vacuum break. Scale is graduated in torr and mbar, and is movable for alignment with mercury level. Provided with a 2.5mm glass stopcock. Filled with mercury. Measurement range: 0 to 120 torr (0 to 130mbar).


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Glass mercury trap

Designed to prevent mercury from being drawn into vacuum pump.


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Swivel McLeod vacuum gauges

  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Compact and lightweight

Made with permanent linear and square root ceramic scales on a white background, high-vacuum O-ring seals, precision bore capillaries, and Delrin plastic and black anodized aluminum parts. Accurate to ±3% of reading or 1mm of scale division, whichever is greater. Gauges include operating instructions but do not include oil or mercury fill.

McLeod gauge
Linear scale
Square root scale
Catalog Number
Oil swivel
0 to 1 torr in 0.02 torr div.
1 millitorr to 1 torr
Mercury swivel
0 to 5mm in 0.1mm div.
2mm to 5mm
Silicone diffusion pump oil

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