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Not all gloves are equal
Issue: 3.3
  • Glove allergies
  • Solving sensitivity issues
  • Which glove for your application
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Latest Labware News

  • One click away from Personal Protection - Save time searching for the correct protection equipment to use with the chemical you have just ordered. Our chemical product detail pages
    now contain direct links to the Personal Protection Equipment relevant to the hazards associated with that chemical.
  • We have developed a new range of glassware kits containing complete distillation setups with threaded joints. These require no clamps and are non-contaminating, as they are greaseless. The self-extracting design prevents the joints seizing during use.
  • Our 2009-2010 Labware Catalog and Handbook of Fine Chemicals set is now available! Labware Catalog content includes approximately 1,300 pages with over 16,000 carefully selected products for Chemistry and Life Science customers/applications. Comprehensive index and thumbnail pictures allow for easy navigation. Catalog includes a new technical information section with12 pages of useful charts, graphs and section guides.
  • Coming Soon - Universal Rotary Evaporator Adapter for connecting wide-mouth glass jars and bottles to your rotary evaporator. For more information on availability please email us at
  • Büchi Evaporator Browser now available.
    Our Büchi browser and Evaporator Comparison Table makes the selection of evaporator, attachments and spare parts easy.
  • The NEW Online Interactive Labware Catalog is now available.
    Browse and flip through the pages, jump to a specific chapter, print or email specific pages, or do powerful keyword searches on product names, catalog numbers, brands, and more!
  • The new Labware catalog launched in January 2007 as a boxed set with our Handbook. Order your copy today