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Glove Products
  • Choosing the right glove
  • The sensitivity risk
  • Making sense of manufacturers claims
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Aldrich Kugelrohr
  • Benefits of the Kugelrohr system
  • Basic principle of operation
  • Cleaning tips for top performance
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Mixing-Dramatically Improve Mixing Results
  • Stirring bar design & action
  • Solution to magnetic stir bar storage problems
  • Bench space saving ideas
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HPLC - Sample filtration for superior HPLC performance
Solvent Removal
  • Avoid problematic bumping
  • Easy estimation of boiling ponts
  • Calculate temperature conversions
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Electrode Calib
  • pH electrode functionality
  • Slope percentage calculation
  • Get the best from electrodes
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The Versatile AtmosBag™
Weight Measurement, the Accurate Way
  • Main causes of inaccuracies
  • How to recognise the cause
  • Solutions for better accuracy
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Rubber Septa
  • Importance of fit
  • Consistency of extractables
  • Safety and performance
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Vacuum Distillation Apparatus
  • Principals of operation
  • Benefits of Kugelrohr technique
  • Cleaning tips for top performance
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