Kern Basic balances

KERN Basic balances offer you all the tools you would need for effective and accurate work in your laboratory environment. All important laboratory functions such as a recipe weighing function or data interfaces are on board at all times. But above all, the high-quality measuring principles of these balances such as force compensation or tuning fork measuring principle, allow them to be used in dosing procedures with very small weight changes and rapid display. In addition these balances are often fitted with automatic internal adjustment, which permits calibrated operation and means the balance can be used in any location.
These devices are often connected to printers or local Pcs using the standard, integrated RS-232 data interface.

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Z676144 Kern EMB portable balance AC/DC input 110 - 230 V AC, 500 g weighing capacity, resolution: 0.1 g
Z676160 Kern EMB portable balance AC/DC input 110 - 230 V AC, 5200 g weighing capacity, resolution: 1 g